Pro Hillary, posted to Facebook

Remember when “we” had a democratic congress? How many of those democrats were Reagan Democrats? I know at least Jim Webb was. We gained so many revolting against the going into debt Bush administration. True, they were hard to count on for the health care law we all wanted, the one with the public option but we did get a law, which is a beginning. We need to encourage those who are opposed to the new radicalism in the Republican Party. Socialism is a buzz word in American politics. I was surprised when Obama was critical of Hugo Chavez, but that’s the way it is. I thought Chavez was a good leader who saved the poor in his country. The President distanced himself from Chavez. That’s okay. I understand that because everyone thinks socialism is communism and Marxism. It doesn’t have to be. It can be democratic and I am not thinking of something like Nicaragua but of Sweden. All we can do in America is move closer to caring about all of our people and less about our vanity and wealth. Laws must be passed to do that. There has to be compromise and negotiations. That’s good, but I believe in Hillary. I believe in Women. I am reading a book called the Hillary Doctrine. With all the discussion of this woman I had never heard of this, that as Secretary of State she established a doctrine that women’s rights around the world were essential to American national security and this book by Valerie M. Hudson and Patricia Leidl provides a great argument that that is the truth. I am reading how terrorism has spread from Saudi Arabia. Nowhere are women’s rights more violated than in Saudi Arabia. In fact it is there that radical fundamentalist Islam has established a beach head to go about the world terrorizing governments into equally oppressive government. That’s foreign policy and that is a great strength. Yes, I suppose I will hear of drones and Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. Those continue under Secretary Kerry and remember who is the President, who was more anti-war than Hillary according to his supporters. This denial of rights to women is not just an issue around the world but in America, too. Look at how abusive fundamentalist Christianity can be to women or our rural areas (keep ’em barefoot and pregnant). Doesn’t it disgust you how women are kept down. We call them Ho’s and LAUGH? What is that all about? How is that good for our democracy and our world?


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