David Robertson, the Yanks closer from last year went to Chicago, the AL team this year. The story says the Yanks GM, Cashman, didn’t even offer a competitive offer. The little Steinbrenner (Shallow Hal) is more money conscious than dad was so maybe there just wasn’t enough money. So, Chicago is a big city I don’t mind getting to know. Cathy and I stopped there on our trip in 1975. We were just off the freeway at some parking lot. Doesn’t matter. I am interested in the big cities. I’m not big on farms and such, don’t like huntin’ and fishin’. My sister and one of her daughters live in Boston. Her other daughter lives in Brooklyn and her boy lives in Denver. Big cities all. Please don’t say I live in Jacksonville because I don’t. I live in the college town of Gainesville, Florida, 60 miles from Jacksonville.

Yeah, so the President is a Chicagoan and Hillary was born there. So, good things to be said for Chicago as well as that the 5th Epochal Revelation or the papers claiming to be that is said to have been revealed there. Diversey Parkway was where a lot of my letters were sent after I first started reading the better book. I can’t remember the number. 534 goes through my head but I am pretty sure that was the Kerista Commune in San Francisco. It’s the street in that instance I can’t remember. Anyway, I had this friend when I was a kid who preferred Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley. His dad, of course, listened to Frank is how I remember it. My daddy didn’t listen to Elvis, it was my step brother, 12 and 1/2 years my senior. My daddy liked Hoot Gibson. My dad enjoyed tunes like Hillbilly Heaven. Frank famously sang Chicago, My Kind of Town. Being a big Elvis fan even after the acid rock and poetry and left wing politics of a lifetime I have ignored the great Mr. Sinatra. Elvis really is looking better against Franky than the Beatles so I offered a little bit of that on my Facebook page.

You know they play Sinatra’s New York, New York at the end of Yankee games. Do they play his Chicago at the end of White Sox games?


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