Hard drugs to Hard Work?

Hard work. Hard drugs?

Hardening. Of the Arteries?


Hard life. Hard hearts. Hard world.

Hard ball.

I looked up hard in the French dictionary and

it said if I meant hard as in the hardness of a brick

then it is durs, but if I meant hard as in it is hard

to learn french then it is difficile.

I wondered at the differences. If you said

difficult in English you would be being polite. By

saying hard you are being serious.

Of course a brick can never be difficult.

I have worked hard for two days. The question

arises, should I work again for another?

There was no agreement between myself

and Labor Ready that I should work another

day, I had no plans, but the group of workers

I was with when we quit tonight though we

could get another day and requested the

manager to write repeat on their work sheets.

They had a quarrel it seemed. There seems

to be a quarrel in Labor Ready. Yes, I wanted

more work and I thought maybe about another

day, this next day and I told the manager to

wrote repeat on mine, too. Later, i doubted.

I had no gas for another day. I had planned to

go to the office Monday morning, after 10 when

Karen was in and submit my work sheets, but

ambitious people said get in early, see Billy,

get your money and go to work another 8 hours.

Ambitious people. Some people admire ambition

and it can be a worthy trait. Others have another

take on ambition and say “kill it out.”

D. R. Butler says, take life lightly. Be of a light

Heart. I am with him.


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