Shiv Mahimna Stotra

Good, quite literate. Great background on the story of the Shiva Mahimna Stotram.

Spirituality and God - A guide

The story behind Shiv Mahimna stotra is as follows.

Pushpa danta was a Gandharva (a musician for the Gods).  He would visit and enjoy the Garden of the King Chitraratha.  He enjoyed the gardens and the flowers immensely and subsequently started stealing flowers from the Garden.  King Chitraratha could not catch him because he had the power to become invisible.  So King Chitraratha spread Bilipatra on the garden.  Pushpadanta not realizing it, stepped into the garden and was caught.  Since the bilipatra is something offered to Shiv as oblation, Shiv was displeased.   The result of this transgression was he could no longer remain invisible. Pushpadanta wanted to have the powers to remain invisible again and he prayed to Sada shiv and created the Shiv Mahimna.

Reciting the Shiv Mahimna 11 times is called the laghu rudri and reciting it 108 times is called Maharudri.

The interpretation :  King Chitraratha refers…

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