Journal post PSY 496 A01

Reading about intervention in the book. That word sounds of Vietnam, so military and actually awful. You know in the 80’s there were these places that really didn’t have a patients best interests at heart and abused those in their care. There should be more talk to that. It could be difficult to even find it on the internet.
I remember Straight, Inc. and then thereafter a local group in Jacksonville, Florida called Charter by the Sea was abusing the people who went to it for help. Intervention, the word, symbolizes that for me.I understand that the book is speaking of clinical settings but I still hear that ugly Vietnam era kind of thing,like sending 500,000 men to Vietnam. There is policing attitude, to it, although
I understand it could be medical where someone’s life is at stake.
The problem with drugs abuse is it runs the gamut from very intellectual kids trying marijuana to middle aged men strung out on heroin. Very different things. I visited a web site recently called The Truth About Drugs and it was plainly a vey biased site. I happened upon the LSD part of it and it is just frightening. I have taken LSD and I did not have any hallucinations. I was consumed, though, more or less for entire day. A couple of times, maybe more and the mushrooms. And I smoked pot daily as did my more successful friends. I presume it is a site that is flattered by a news outlet like FOX News whose lies are a daily occurrrence.
I hope it is just the way I hear it, intervention. I know there are medical terms about that are new to me, like I had a “procedure” to insert 2 stents into an artery in 2004 and people speak of health incidents. That is a preferable way to look at it but this is psychology and many people are suspicious and afraid of what psychology can accomplish.
An interesting term came up in the reading about “personality.” I can see the client freaking out saying, “ARE THEY TRYING TO CHANGE MY VERY PERSONALITY?” Many believe their personality to be the very foundation of their being, the egoic entity if you will. They are frightened when they hear Buddhists speaking of no personality and of Hindus who speak of the destruction of the ego.
These other philosophies being involved might be my problem. If I could just be about 12 years old again, oh, yeah, 18 or 21 maybe.


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