Argosy Journal Entry


Sorry if I didn’t do as much as I could have for the discussion.
I was a client once. It didn’t really produce the results I wished.
Watched basketball last night. My friend Paul is out of town, gone
to his Minnesota. He went to Winona State College in Minnesota and
he will be watching the basketball there in person. He’s very
happy about that.
I had trouble with the copy and paste in the discussion area. Frustrated
me, terribly. I am involved with a lot of Left political thinking. We don’t
all agree. To them I say where are they on the Guru? Where are they
on the meditation. They preach against war but they are not against
slaughtering animals to satisfy their appetite, their taste buds. The
bitch about the NSA, presidents who held slaves and expect me to
be on their side thought they haven’t a kind word for my spiritual beliefs.
They call it religion. Simpletons who just want to satisfy their ambition.
So, I am distracted and that is something to look out for in school.
I found it interesting that different interview techniques can advance our
progress with non-psychological difficulties such as diabetes. On
the other hand I have read enough to see applying psychoanalysis to
gaining employment can be very stupid.
I guess I’m just lonely this weekend.
I own a van and pay insurance but another homeless person is
driving it. The things we need to do to get by sometimes. He has no
license. He is a young man, a black man who has been homeless for
years. After working with him through the summer of 2012 I got my
loan from Argosy and left him. That angered him quite a bit. I was angry
too. He didn’t pay enough and sometimes jipped me. He had and still
has many of my things in his storage. He is aloof about taking care of
my problems but his family’s are of an urgent matter. I don’t think he is
even really married though he and her have a 16 year old child. Well,
so, he has my van. We communicate by text messages. He doesn’t
even take a Food Stamps phone. He’s too good for that. So, that’s
another bill. I am paying the insurance and concerned that my van get
its servicing. He is not getting it serviced. Does not say he refuses, just
avoids the subject. Doesn’t serve his purpose. So, he helped me in
2012. Maybe someone else could have. There was a young fellow invited
me to paint houses but I thought that was too demanding for me. I have
diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high lipids. I have
never been a very physical person and painting I remember from my
boyhood. I helped pain the house.
Should I put this on Craigslist under rants? Should I post it to my blog
for all to see?


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