Have you heard all about Arod already? I never thought Arod and the Yanks were a good match but there was such a media blitz. I liked Alfonzo Soriano but then  you know he posed at the bat when he hit a home run and sometimes didn’t hustle to first. Joe Torre could have sent him a little more to steal bases but that was a part of Alfonzo’s game the Bombers chose to ignore. Jeez, when were they the Bombers, in the 20’s, the 50’s? There were no drugs for the Babe or the Mick although both, we now know, could hit that bottle. But the bottle would only worsen your performance, not improve it like the drugs we have today. The question is, do those drugs hurt your body in the long run? We know the violence of football has hurt many bodies. Nobodies talking about PEDs in football. I hear they have it under control. Or is it better hid? Maybe they prefer pain killers. 

They talk about how these drugs and then they talk about records. They lie like a rug about a lot of the records but on that score, who cares? If the second baseman for the Yankees won the Most Valuable Player award in the American League in 1962 instead of Mickey there is no point in asking why the record books are saying it was Mickey instead of Bobby Richardson. No point. Or if Roger Maris is credited with an MVP he never own, the 1960 award. What the Fuck, it was a long time ago. If you constantly hear that the Mets took the Orioles in 5 games instead of 4 in 1969, it’s just a snafu, nothings up. Oh, wait, you are saying that is the TRUTH? THE GOD’S HONEST TRUTH? And then you say that the Cinncinnati Red beat the New York Yankess in 4 games. Not 5 as my unpleasant memory recalls. Or should I not remember. Something about Me, that I should not remember or is it people in general should not remember or should not know?

What bullshit. So, what is the truth. You’re hard put to screw ARod having heard the truth from a newspaper in Miami, Florida, but I wonder if they are so damned concerned that the records are being rewritten. NO! THAT DOESN’T SELL NEWSPAPERS OR ANYTHING ELSE.


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