Shoe in the Mud

Just a shoe in the mud

It comes off as you try to take your next


You had thought you could just step

through that mud

but getting stuck you

realized you had to slip out of it.

You reached back and pulled the lonesome

shoe out of the mud

and put it back on your foot.

An Eye for an Eye

Was just thinking how hard my life has been. Many people do their best to defeat the notion that you had a hard life when you have lived with your parents up to and including their very death but I think that is a hard thing. That isn’t having a job, it isn’t hanging out, it isn’t going places. It’s being stuck there with the dad you disagreed with and the mom who was married to him. So, how did I get stuck there. Well, it had to do with a fight and non-violence and homosexuality. You could involve drugs and rock music in that if you like as well as art and poetry, but just musing on it lately I feel like I was shunned for not sticking with Mahatma Gandhi but instead going for the eye for the eye mentality. I think that was my sin and why nobody liked me anymore. Perfect justice, don’t you think? I mean people talk about punishments not fitting crimes but I think a guy who goes and gets even with a guy who done something wrong to him deserves to be shunned by ever Tom, Dick and Harriet he ever knew. ‘Nuf said.

From Gurumayi’s book, Smile, Smile, Smile – a book of 31 poems and one very wonderful talk.

Setting a New Direction

by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda


Setting a new direction

exceeds the reach of the intellect.

Steady self-examination

gives you access to your own soul.

Deep inside the cave of your heart

you receive unmistakable guidance.

By following the beam of its light

you comprehend the heart’s desires.

Otherwise, you steer your life

by the impulses of the senses’

there is no self-control, no sensible decision,

just endless striving to satisfy restless ambition.

The scriptures have set forth

clear directions for all seekers.

Read them, study them, imbibe them,

and choose a direction

to reach the higher goal.

There will be times, unforeseen,

when you will need the Guru’s guidance.

Don’t get stuck in any one pattern;

remain open and humble,

without binding notions.

You may think it is you

who is setting the new directions,

Truly however , it is God

who is shedding light on your path.

Sometimes, midstream, you are forced

to find a new direction.

Look deep into your heart;

it already knows the way.

The truth is,

your heart is already there.

A Weapon Against Delusion

  1. Mudha jahihi dhanagama-trsnam

    kuru sadbuddhim manasi vitrsnam,

    Yal-labhase nija-karmopattam

    vittam ten vinodaya-cittam

    O fool, renounce your thirst for hoarding wealth. Fill your mind with righteous thoughts and learn dispassion. Be content with what comes to you as a result of the actions you have previously performed.

  1. Artham-anartham bhavaya nityam

    nasti tatah sukhalesah satyam,

    Putrad-api dhana-bhajam bhitih

    sarvatraisa vhita nitih.

    Remember, wealth only brings grief; truly, not a drop of joy can be derived from it. A rich man fears even his own son. This is what happens everywhere.

  1. Ka te kanta kas-te putrah

    samsaro’yam-ativa vicitrah,

    Kasya tvam kah kuta ayatas-

    tattvan cintaya yad-idam bhratah.

    Who is you wife, and who is  your child? This mortal world is very strange. Who are you and to whom do you belong? From what place have you come? O brother, contemplate these things.

  1. Ma kuru jana-dhana-yauvana-garvam

    harati nimsat-kalah sarvam,

    Mayamayam-idam akhilam hitva

    brahma-padam tvam pravisa viditva.

    Do not boast of you youth, friends, or wealth. In the blinking of an eye, time robs you of all these things. Renounce the illusion of the world. Understand the eternal Truth and become one with It.

  1. Kamam krodham moham lobham

    tyaktvatmanam bhavaya ko’ham

    Atma-jnana-vihina mudhas-

    te pachante marak-nigudhah.

    Give up the curse of lust and anger. Renounce delusion and greed. Remember who you really are. Those who are blind to the Self are fools. They are cast into hell, where they suffer.

  1. Sura-mandira-taru-mula-nivasah

    sayya bhutalam-ajinam vasah,


    kasya sukham na karoti viragah.

    Make a temple or a tree your home, and the bare ground your bed. Clothe yourself in deerskin. Give up collection objects and avoid sense pleasures. Could a person fail to be happy if he has this kind of dispassion?

  1. Satrau mitre putre bandhau

    ma kuru yatnam vigraha-sandhau,

    Bhava samacittah sarvatra tvam

    Vanchasyacirad yadi visnutvam.

    Remain detached from friend or enemy, son or relative, peace or war, If  you want to become one with God quickly, without losing any time, then consider ll things to be equal.

  1. Tvayi mayi canyatraiko visnur-

    vyarham kupyasi sarvsahisnuh,

    Sarvasminnapi pasyatmanam

    sarvatrotsrja bheda-jnanam

    God dwells in you, in me, in everything. Your anger is futile, as well as you impatience. See your Self in everyone and renounce diversity.

  1. Pranyamam prayaharam



    kurvadhanam mahad-avadhanam.

    Practice self-restraint and control of the breath. Distinguish the fleeting from the Eternal. Repeat God’s holy name and calm your restless mind. Apply yourself wholeheartedl to this unchanging spiritual law.

  1. Nalini-dala-gata-salilam taralam


    Viddhi vyadhyabhimana-grastam

    lokam soka-hatam ca samstam.

    Human life is as uncertain as raindrops resting on a lotus leaf. All mankind is prey to grief, ego, and disease. Remember this without fail.

  1. Ka te-stadas-dese cinta

    Vatual tava kim nasti niyanta,

    Yas-tvam harate sudrdhani-baddham

    bodhayati prabhavadi-viruddham.

    Why do all kinds of things agitate your mind? Has your reason left you? Don’t you have a guide to hold you firm, to teach you about life and death?

  1. Guru-charanambuja-nirbhara-bhaktah



    draksyasi nija-hrdaya-stham devam.

    Cherish your Guru’s lotus feet, and free yourself from the bondage of this world. Control your senses and your mind, and see the Lord within your heart.

  1. Dvadasa-panjarikamaya esah

    sisyanam kathito hyupadesha,

    Yesam citte naiva vivekas-

    te pacyante narakam-anekam.

    I have composed these twelve verses as a teacher to all disciples. Unless seekers exercise their discrimination, they will undergo much suffering.

A text by Shankaracharya. No credit is given in the book I copied it from, The Power of Chanting, an SYDA publication, 1990.


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